New!✨ Protected Collection 🧿

Introducing Our Designer Protection Collection: Unleash Your Style 🧿

Get ready to embark on a fashion journey inspired by a heartwarming moment shared between Xylyna Vampierra and her daughter, Orion Emrys. It all began when Xylyna fearlessly allowed Orion to glue googly eyes onto a pair of her creepers. Three years later, that precious moment has given life to our extraordinary Designer Protectected Collection.

In a world that craves conformity, our collection stands out as a beacon of individuality. Crafted with meticulous care by Xylyna Vampierra, each piece encapsulates the essence of that magical mother-daughter bond. It's a celebration of creativity, where fashion becomes an artful expression of your unique self.

Style Meets Protection: Nurture Your Journey 🌟


Our Designer Protected Collection goes beyond mere aesthetics. We believe in safeguarding not only your style but also your life's path. With a meticulous focus on quality materials and expert craftsmanship, our collection offers comfort, durability, and a sense of security. Embrace the world with confidence, knowing you're adorned with both style and substance.


Embrace the Power of the Narza /Evil Eye Symbol 🧿

At the heart of our collection lies the ancient Narza symbol also known as the classic evil eye. Representing protection and the repelling of negative energies, this sacred talisman weaves its way into every design. Embrace its timeless symbolism, finding harmony between ancient wisdom and contemporary fashion.


Express Yourself: Wear Art with Purpose 🎨

From captivating patterns to sophisticated designs, our Designer Protected Collection showcases the epitome of artistic expression. Each piece is a wearable masterpiece, enhancing your personal style and making a statement wherever you go. Embrace the elegance and mystique our collection offers, as you embark on your unique journey.


Indulge in the Magic: Unleash Your Inner Artist ✨

Immerse yourself in the beauty of our Designer Protectected Collection. Wear it with pride and let it spark conversations, ignite curiosity, and inspire others to embrace their creativity. Join us on this extraordinary fashion odyssey, where Designer meets symbolism, and style becomes a reflection of your inner spirit.


Experience the Unseen: Wear the “Evil-Eye” Narza Symbol 🌌

Step into the magic. Embrace the symbolism. Wear our Designer Protected Collection, and let the Narza symbol guide and protect you on your journey of self-expression.

Spiritually Inspired by Sacred Geometry

Step into a world where fashion meets spirituality, where luxury designer footwear transcends mere materiality. Celestial Kicks by Urban Alcatraz are more than just shoes; they are an experience that will captivate your senses and ignite your soul. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation as you indulge in the essence of these extraordinary high tops.