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Garnets' Connection Bracelet

Garnets' Connection Bracelet

The Perfect Garnet Beaded Bracelet for Any Occasion

Let yourself be consumed by this gorgeous piece that will awaken your spiritual senses. Crafted with shining garnet crystal beads running in tandem along a tasteful circle link brass chain that fastens in three spots, garnet has held its place in history for over millennia. It is known to provide a myriad of metaphysical benefits as a result of its colors. The garnet of this bracelet helps to unlock and interpret your dreams, kindling you towards outstanding achievements and understanding what lies beyond the realm of the ordinary. Enliven your outfit with an air of allure and knowledge by linking with the power of garnet.

Looking for a stunning and unique bracelet that can be the perfect addition to your outfit for any occasion? Look no further than the Garnets Connection Beaded Bracelet! Made with high-quality garnet beads on a durable string, this bracelet is the perfect combination of style and durability.


Crafted with attention to detail, this garnet beaded bracelet features a unique design that is sure to catch the eye. Its sophisticated and elegant look makes it ideal for any formal event, while its tough construction ensures long-lasting use. The beads are strung together with a high-quality string, so you don't have to worry about it easily breaking or falling apart.


The Garnets Connection Beaded Bracelet is a great investment for anyone who loves a unique and stylish accessory. Its stunning garnet beads are sure to bring a sense of elegance to any outfit. Whether worn as a standalone piece or paired with other jewelry, this bracelet is sure to enhance your look and make you stand out from the crowd!

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Inspirations For This Necklace

My inspiration for this piece is derived from fantasy. As most of my designs are. I wanted this necklace to have a Queen of the palace presence. The title however, came from the capsule included in the design of the piece, and the idea of being forever enchanted in a world of possibilty. The two ceramic luster beads represent pearls as in the world is my oyster and thes are my pearls. I Am Enchanted Ever-after.

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