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Round Satchel Bags

Round Satchel Bags

Unveiling Bohemian Chic: The Round Satchel Wonder

Hey Boho spirit, meet your new partner in crime – the Bohemian Spirit Round Satchel Bag. Let's dive into the magic that makes this bag a must-have for anyone craving a touch of wanderlust in their daily style.

Your Boho Vibes Awaits

Crafted with love and a touch of bohemian magic, this small round satchel bag is your ticket to turning every day into a festival. The polyester canvas fabric is not just durable but also cute, compact, and ready for any adventure life throws your way.

Round, Zipped, Ready to Roll

Zippered Wonder and Adjustable Bliss

Imagine a single zippered round closure – easy to access and a stylish statement in itself. That's what you get with this cute minimalist satchel . Need to adjust on the go? We've got you covered with an adjustable shoulder strap that offers comfort and flexibility. Because who needs hassle when you're embracing the Boho life?

Daily Essential, Outdoor Essential

Your Everyday Adventure Buddy

This isn't just a bag; it's part of  a lifestyle. Perfect for daily use, whether you're conquering city streets or chasing sunsets outdoors. Picture it – you, this bag, and the world as your canvas.

Fashionable Freedom

Accessorize Your Journey

 This satchel bag isn't just an accessory; it's a fashion statement. It's about embracing your uniqueness.Step out, and let the world see your Bohemian Spirit shine.

Ready to add a touch of Boho magic to your daily adventures? The Bohemian Spirit Round Satchel Bag is more than a bag; it's an expression of your free-spirited style. Grab yours now and let the Boho vibes take over! 🌼✨

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My inspiration for this piece is derived from fantasy. As most of my designs are. I wanted this necklace to have a Queen of the palace presence. The title however, came from the capsule included in the design of the piece, and the idea of being forever enchanted in a world of possibilty. The two ceramic luster beads represent pearls as in the world is my oyster and thes are my pearls. I Am Enchanted Ever-after.

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