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Transcendence Unleashed ✨Celestial Merkaba Geometric Ladies High Tops

Transcendence Unleashed ✨Celestial Merkaba Geometric Ladies High Tops

Transcendence Unleashed ✨Celestial Merkaba Geometric Ladies High Tops

Embark on a journey of transcendence with the "Transcendence Unleashed" high top shoes from Urban Alcatraz's Celestial Kicks collection. These aren't just shoes; they're a testament to the mystic power of the cosmos, bearing the intricate Merkaba geometric symbol—a portal to higher dimensions.

Envelop your feet in a canvas of comfort and elegance with the canvas and PU upper material, enriched by EVA padded insoles. The wear-resistant rubber soles ensure that every step you take, you step with purpose, embracing not just style, but substance. With 8 eyelets and a lace-up closure, these high tops embody the classic essence of time-honored design.

Beyond fashion, these shoes are an invitation to explore realms beyond the mundane. The Celestial Merkaba symbol intricately etched on the shoes' surface resonates with the energy of the cosmos, invoking a sense of profound connection and purpose. Each stride becomes a meditation, each moment a pathway to transformation.

Perfect for every season, adaptable to a spectrum of women's outfits, the "Transcendence Unleashed" high tops merge the metaphysical with the physical. They become more than footwear; they become an expression of the journey you're on—a journey of awakening and growth.

Indulge your curiosity, embrace the unknown, and ignite the spark of celestial wonder within you. Order your pair today and experience the harmony of style, comfort, and cosmic energy that defines Celestial Kicks.

Elevate your reality, transcend the ordinary. Elevate with Celestial Kicks.

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Inspirations For This Necklace

My inspiration for this piece is derived from fantasy. As most of my designs are. I wanted this necklace to have a Queen of the palace presence. The title however, came from the capsule included in the design of the piece, and the idea of being forever enchanted in a world of possibilty. The two ceramic luster beads represent pearls as in the world is my oyster and thes are my pearls. I Am Enchanted Ever-after.

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