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Discover Urban Alcatraz: Genuine Crystals, Urban Elegance, Empowering Confidence

Celebrate your individuality and unlock your inner radiance with us. Experience Expression Over Conformity.

Discover Urban Alcatraz: where self-expression meets luxury. Our custom-designed jewelry, designer apparel, and premium lifestyle offerings help you shine with genuine crystals that enhance your unique radiance. Embrace our transformative power, inspiring fearlessness in others.

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Rocking Designer High Tops ✨

    Fashion enthusiasts know that style is the ultimate form of self-expression. And when it comes to footwear, nothing combines style, comfort, and versatility quite like designer high tops.At Urban Alcatraz, we are committed to helping people express themselves without fear or judgment. Our jewelry makes a statement without overpowering

    Elevate your style with Designer High Tops 
  • Urban Alcatraz Presents: Be'Youty Models

    In a world that often stifles uniqueness, Urban Alcatraz's Be'Youty Models project stands as a beacon of celebration for those who embody self-expression in the most extraordinary ways.Led by the visionary Xylyna Vampierra, this ongoing project showcases individuals who inspire and ignite the world with their authenticity and creativity.At Urban Alcatraz, we are committed to helping people express themselves without fear or judgment. Our jewelry makes a statement without overpowering

    Unleashing Self-Expression: Urban Alcatraz's Be'Youty Models 🌟 
  • Did you know? This about “The Evil Eye” Symbol

    Throughout history, protective symbols have held a special place in various cultures, offering a shield against negative energies and attracting positivity. One such symbol that has transcended time and continues to be cherished is the Evil Eye, also known as the Nazar symbol. In this blog post, we will delve into the factual and informative benefits behind wearing this ancient symbol, exploring its protective properties and its ability to foster well-being.At Urban Alcatraz, we are committed to helping people express themselves without fear or judgment. Our jewelry makes a statement without overpowering

    Embracing Protection and Positivity: The Power of the Evil Eye/Nazar Symbol 
  • Stories Of Creation {Bulletproof vixen}

    The inspiration for the design of this bracelet came from the 12 Gauge Concho Snap used in its Composition. Like many designs I create, I came up with the title after completing it.
    I wanted this bracelet to make the wearer appear as though they had been deflecting bullets with it. So, naturally, the inspiration for the title of this design was completely different than the inspiration for the design itself.

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