Bulletproof Vixen Bracelet from Urban Alcatraz made with Genuine Leather and Brass

Stories Of Creation { Bulletproof vixen }

The inspiration for the design of this bracelet came from the 12 Gauge Concho Snap used in its Composition. Like many designs I create, I came up with the title after completing it.
I wanted this bracelet to make the wearer appear as though they had been deflecting bullets with it. So, naturally, the inspiration for the title of this design was completely different than the inspiration for the design itself.
Wonder Woman is a Bulletproof Vixxxen. She's dramatic, poise, Sexy, intense, and doesn't break a sweat when faced with a challenge. And although I'm not a hardcore fan and have yet to see all of the movies or read the comics, these characteristics are a few things that I witnessed. I wanted the wearer to feel that same energy when wearing this bracelet.