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Cosmic Ascension Backpack

Cosmic Ascension Backpack

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Embrace the Stars: Introducing the✨

Cosmic Ascension Backpack

Discover the Cosmic Ascension Backpack by Urban Alcatraz, a celestial-inspired creation that propels your style into the stratosphere, blending cosmic charm with practical design.

Celestial Elegance Redefined

The Cosmic Ascension Backpack is more than a mere accessory; it's a cosmic journey waiting to adorn your shoulders. Drawing inspiration from the heavens, this backpack features a stunning design that echoes the beauty of the cosmos. Its interstellar motifs and cosmic color palette evoke a sense of celestial wonder, setting you apart as someone with an eye for the extraordinary. The intricate details and ethereal patterns add a touch of cosmic elegance to your everyday adventures.

Functionality Meets Ethereal Beauty

This isn't just a fashion statement; it's a functional companion. The backpack boasts a main compartment perfect for books, your cellphone, iPad, and other essentials, keeping them organized and easily accessible. Additionally, it features a metal zipper closure ensuring the safety of your belongings, complemented by two side pockets for added convenience. The adjustable slide shoulder straps with buckles provide a comfortable and customizable fit, catering to your style and comfort needs, making it ideal for dreamy travelers, starry-eyed students, and professionals alike.

Craftsmanship for Cosmic Explorers

Urban Alcatraz's Cosmic Ascension Backpack isn't merely a bag; it's a testament to quality and uniqueness. Meticulously crafted with durable materials, it stands as a symbol of the brand's commitment to quality and individuality. Each stitch and detail speaks volumes about its craftsmanship, giving you a standout accessory that transcends fashion norms and elevates your style to cosmic heights.

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Inspirations For This Necklace

My inspiration for this piece is derived from fantasy. As most of my designs are. I wanted this necklace to have a Queen of the palace presence. The title however, came from the capsule included in the design of the piece, and the idea of being forever enchanted in a world of possibilty. The two ceramic luster beads represent pearls as in the world is my oyster and thes are my pearls. I Am Enchanted Ever-after.

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